Why UC Browser is Considered as The Best Option for Your Smartphones?

By | November 5, 2017

The number of web browsers for smartphones are getting increased every day. Users find it very much difficult to pick the best one among them as each one has its own benefits and drawbacks as well. The UC Web browser can be considered as a better choice for your smartphones and personal computers as it has some of the best in class features available in it. Here we will provide you some of the most remarkable features of this app which can help you make a call on its selection.

The AdBlock feature is one of the best things that I have noticed in the UC browser. Most of the websites now come with a lot of advertisements included in it. This creates a lot of difficulty for the users in searching the required contents. But the AdBlock feature of the UC browser avoids such situation for its users. Now you can easily browse through any website without getting interrupted by the unwanted ads. The text only mode is another unique feature of the UC browser for smartphones. Once this feature is enabled, the websites that you visit will display only the text part available in the page. Any images or videos present in the page will not be loaded. This can help the users save a lot of mobile data which is a major benefit for users with limited data packages.

The UC browser can also help to save the storage space in your device. Do you know how? It is the inbuilt video player available in the Android and Apple UC browser that supports the users in this task. It completely eliminates the requirement to download and install any third-party video players in your smartphones to play online videos. Are you worried about the quick battery drain of your smartphones during its usage? You will be interested to know that the UC browser has a solution for this issue also. It is the availability of the Night Mode in this browser that can make your smartphone batteries last long. This feature also helps in protecting the user’s eyes from getting affected because of the bright light coming from the smartphones. So, this can be considered as a multipurpose feature of the UC browser.

The availability of a large number of add-ons makes the UC browser even stronger. These add-ons can be selected as per the user requirement and can change from one user to other. The user interface of this browser is also so cool to attract the user attention. The UC browser Mini version is also available for free download and can be tried on devices with less storage space. This is a version of the UC browser which is dedicatedly designed for such devices. UC Web, the brain behind the UC browser is found to be adding all the latest possible features to this web browser. This makes the UC browser a strong contender in the list of top web browsers for smartphones and PCs.

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