What is Night Mode in UC Browser and How Can You Enable It?

By | November 5, 2017

Smartphones have become our best companion since last few years. There are people who like to stay with their mobile phones even at the late nights. Some of them are highly addicted to their favorite smartphone games and won’t be able to sleep until they finish a particular level of the game. A lot of others likes to spend their time on the social networking sites. There is another group of people who like to chat with their dear ones throughout the night. Whatever may be the reason, the number people spending their nights with the smartphone are seen to be increasing every day. Studies have proved that using smartphones in low light during the night time causes serious side effects on the user’s eyes. Even after knowing this most of the people can’t resist themselves from using their phones under such conditions.

So, the solution for this issue is to make the smartphone work in such a way that it won’t harm the user’s eyes. The night mode available in the UC browsers exactly does this for the users. Apart from the eye protection feature, the Night Mode can be helpful in some other cases also. For example, most of the smartphone users are seen to complaining about the power backup of their devices. The Night mode provides a perfect solution for this as well. Enable this feature while your phone is going through low battery mode and you can make it work for long without getting switched off. You can even try it under the normal stages of the battery as well. The result will be amazing and I am sure that you can’t stop yourself from recommending the UC browser to your friends also.

To enable this feature in your smartphone, install the UC web browser first. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store and Apple users from the iTunes Store. If you are looking for a PC version of this app, you can download it from the official website of UC browser. Once installed, open this web browser on your smartphone. Then go to the Menu option and there you can find the Night feature. Clicking on this will enable the Night Mode in your device. Now you can try this amazing feature for your smartphone. Whenever you like to return to the normal mode, follow the above steps again. The second click on the Night option in the Menu this time will make your phone come back to normal display mode.

The most noticeable thing observed with the Night feature in the UC browser is that it will not make any difference in the quality of the text. So, the users who enable this feature can continue work with their phones in the same way as in the normal mode. Now whenever your parents scold you for using the smartphones at night saying that it will harm your eyes, you can easily get rid of them.

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