Unique features of UC Browser

By | November 29, 2017

The development of smartphones has given everything to the fingertips of the users. Now people can do a lot of things with the comfort of sitting at their home itself. The internet web browsers play a very important role in this. Selection of a right web browser can make your online activities easier. The UC Browser is a good browser for the users who like to enjoy the internet surfing through their smartphones rather than using their computers. The user-friendly features of the UC Browser made it possible for it to create a very strong user base all around the World. Even though the smartphone version of this app is more popular, the desktop version is also used by a large number of people. Here we will have a look at some of the most useful and unique features of the UC Browser that can be useful to the users.

The inbuilt video player is the most attractive feature that I found in the UC Browser. This is a great innovative idea that the manufacturers of the UC Browser brought in front of the normal users. This can be helpful to watch the online videos with the help of the video player integrated into the browser itself. This can provide the users with a better video watching experience. Users who are concerned about their data package can find an extremely good option for this in the UC Browser.  It is the Text Only Mode of this browser that helps the users in this task. Enabling this feature in the UC Browser will display only the text part available in a web page. Thus, users can save the unwanted data spend on loading the videos and images in a web page that they don’t want to see.

The Quick Access feature of the UC Browser is another noticeable feature that is intended to support the users with easy access to the web pages. Once a user enables this feature, a quick icon of the UC Browser will be displayed on his smartphone screen. After that whenever he wants to open a web page, he can easily get access to it without searching for the UC Browser in the application list. So, the UC Browser can also work as a time-saving option for the users. The support of gestures and that too with single figure touch makes the UC Browser easy to use. These gestures work well with the inbuilt video player of this browser and hence can be an added advantage.

Like the other popular web browsers, the UC Browser also supports a lot of Add-Ons. The most popular one among this is the speed boost. It can help the users to view lite version of various websites which can, in turn, be a data saving option for them. The speed boost can do this for both the desktop and mobile version of a website. A combination all the above-said features makes the UC Browser the best choice for the smartphone users who are looking for the best web browser.

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