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By | November 29, 2017

The UC Web is well known for providing regular updates for the various apps developed by them. The UC Browser is the most popular app that comes under the UC Web. Hence they have given their maximum effort to include all the latest features in it. For an existing user, these features are delivered in the form of updates. However, a lot of users likes to stick to their UC Browser Old version itself. This is mainly because of some misconception arising in their mind. Majority of the people falling under that category assumes that an update of the existing app will result in consuming a lot of space on their devices. Some people also blame these updates for the nonfunctioning of any particular application like Java in it. But I would recommend you to rather stay update to enjoy the UC Browser at its best.

Comparing to the Old UC Browser versions, the latest one is having a lot of advanced features included in it. We can take the example of the UC Browser for Android devices. UC Web released their latest Android UC Browser as the v11.4.8.1012 version. This version can be considered as the best ever UC Browser released for the Android users. This version of the app has the Small Window Mode included in it. It is a very useful feature for people who like to chat with their friends in the middle of watching a movie. Making use of this feature, they can move the window on which they are viewing the video to a side of the screen so that they can even open a chat window at the same time without closing the video player. If you are using some older UC Browser versions you can’t enjoy this feature.

Let us check some of the other features of the latest UC Browser application. Hope this can help you understand why you prefer it over the older versions of the UC Browser. Smartphone users are very much concerned about the data usage on their phone. The latest UC Browser provides the best option for the users who are looking for a good solution to this issue. It is the data compression feature of the UC Browser that helps the users in this task. The latest technologies included in the UC Browser new versions makes this compression feature better after every update. Hence the total data saving will be high in the UC Browser v11.4.8.1012 compared to the old versions.

Another feature that helps the users in saving their mobile data usage is the Text Only Mode. In this mode, the web pages that you open will display only the text content in it. Any images or videos available on the page will be removed and hence the data usage can be saved to a great extent. This technique is also found to be getting better with each release of the new updates and it works best in the latest released version of this app. You might be also heard about the Night Mode available in the latest UC Browser. This feature is designed with the intention to support the smartphone users who like to spend a lot of time in browsing during the night time. This helps the users to prevent their eyes from the issues arising because of the mobile usage at night.

The UC Browser is popular among the users mainly because of the good download and browsing speed that it provides to them. The download manager of the UC Browser plays a vital role in it. The UC Web has taken special care about this feature. Each update on the UC Browser makes this download manager more efficient in its purpose. The browsing speed of the UC Browser is a result of the advanced techniques used in it. The UC Web is found to be integrating all the new techniques for better browsing in their browser and that makes the latest UC Browser the best choice for your devices.

I advise the users who still stick to the old UC Web Browser to update to the latest version. Otherwise, you will miss some of the unique features of this application. Or if you are concerned about the storage and memory usage of the new version, try the UC Mini Browser. It can serve your purpose with the utilization of less space and memory requirements.

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