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By | November 29, 2017

The iOS devices are coming with Safari as the inbuilt web browser and it is found to be having some of the good features that are required in a browser. You might be thinking that then what is the requirement to go for UC browser for iOS. It is some of the innovative ideas that the UC Web has included in their browser that forces the users to have a try on it. Unlike the other new generation browsers that come with the so-called “Amazing features”, UC browser provides the users with what they claim to have. The UC browser which releases regular updates provides something useful to the users in each of those updates. The increasing number of users of this web browser across the World is an ample proof of its ability to deliver as per the user expectations.

The UC browser proved to be a very good competitor for the position of the best browser for all your devices. It can not only work well with your iOS devices but also with the Android and Windows devices as well. If you are looking for the best web browser that supports multiplatform, then the UC browser is for you.

Features of UC Browser for iOS

Let us have a look at some of the most useful features of the UC browser that makes it the favorite for the Apple device users. Among the many unique features of this app, the one that attracted me the most is the “Text Only Mode”. This feature helps the users to save a large amount of Mobile data that is spent while browsing through internet sites. After this feature is enabled, whenever you open a webpage only the text content in that page will be displayed. It means, all the images that are available on that website will vanish and you can go through the text part only. Hence the extensive data usage can be avoided in the best way.

The Share feature in the UC browser in another attraction for the users. This can be checked by going to the tools menu available in the browser. Once you open any webpage, go to the Tools menu and select the Share option. It will provide you with the opportunity to share that particular webpage to a lot of social networking sites. As we all know Social Networking Sites works as the backbone of the internet usage nowadays and that increases the importance of this feature. The Offline Mode available in the UC browser is a feature that requires special mentioning. Using this feature, you can watch your favorite videos which are marked for the offline view when connected to free wireless connections. A combination of the Text Only Mode and Offline Mode can make your Internet pack survive for more time.

Along with this, you can find a lot of more helpful and innovative features in the UC browser. The Night Mode and the inbuilt Video player are those two features that can make you love this browser. The Night Mode can protect your eyes from the threat of extreme light falling on your eyes during the usage of the smartphones at night times. Similarly, inbuilt video player eliminates the requirement of the users to download any third-party video players to watch their favorite videos online. The UC browser also comes with features like AdBlock, Facebook Mode, In-App widgets etc. All these features together provide you with the best browsing experience.

UC Browser for Apple Devices Free Download

Downloading the UC browser for your iPhones and iPad is not a hard task as it is readily available in the iTunes Store. Users can download it from there for free as the developers of this app released it as a free web browser application. The latest version of the UC browser iOS available in the iTunes Store is which is getting updated quite often. So, make sure to have a check for the latest version of this app from your Apple device store. The UC browser for Apple can work with all the latest version of iOS starting from the iOS 7. The existing users of the UC browser have given it an overall rating of 4.5 Stars which is quite good for a browser that is competing with the Apple’s own Safari browser.


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