Difference Between UC Browser and UC Browser Mini     

By | November 5, 2017

With the release of the latest smartphones, the internet browsers for them also developed in such a way that it can support the users in multipurpose. The UC Browser is well known in this section with the inclusion of some of the most modern features in it. All the popular brands of smartphone’s inbuilt app stores include this excellent browser app in them. The developers of the UC Browser app, the UC Web has considered the customer satisfaction as their major concern. So, they have done continuous efforts to make the app better every day and hence providing its users with the best web browser app for smartphones. The PC version of this app is also so good that they have come up as a strong competitor for the popular Chrome and Firefox browsers as well.

There was a large group of people who were not able to use the UC Browser because of some limitations in their smartphones. Either it is because of the low space availability in the phones or due to the shortage of other resources in them. Understanding this concern of the end users, UC Web has developed a new lightweight app for them in the name of UC Browser Mini. The design of this app is in such a way that it can work well in a device with even a 512 Mb RAM. Even if the UC Browser Mini is a mini version of the actual, it is providing almost all the possible features of the UC Browser in it. Let us have a look at what are the major difference between the UC Browser and UC Browser Mini.

As said earlier, the storage space required for the UC Browser was the major concern for the users. So, the UC Browser Mini was designed with the requirement of a much lesser storage space. Compared to the 20 Mb APK file of the UC Browser, the Mini browser has its APK file having a size of 5 Mb only. Talking about the installation space required for the apps, there is also a huge difference between these two browsers. The installation space required for the UC Browser App is 100 Mb whereas the Mini UC Browser installation files take only 20 Mb of space. The download function of the Mini Browser is found to be something that is much better than the actual app. It is still confusing that why the UC Web has made such a design that provides a benefit in the lightweight app.

The user interface of the UC Browser Mini is almost different from the actual app. The UC Browser interface is more attractive and useful to the users as it provides them with much better options to browse through the internet.  The number of features included in the Mini app is less compared to the UC Browser App. Don’t get confused between the selection of these apps for your devices. If your phone has enough resources then try the UC Browser with the full features as it is better than the Mini app. If you are concerned about the storage and other resources of your devices, the UC Browser Mini is for you.

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